Sunday, March 20, 2011

First battle damage

What is this? Two updates the same day? What has happened is that I have been painting more after watching TV. Here's a WIP of the Land Raider.

And here we have the first battle damage. Any opinions? Does it look ok? I went with blood red, chaos black, and finally mithril silver. I'm thinking of going with sunburst yellow, bleached bone, and finally mithril silver for the yellow hull. I don't want too much though, it's Lysander's personal "Panzartaxi" after all. Such a bad ass first captain rides in style :)

(I'm keeping away from yellow on weapons so I can reuse them on Space Wolf vehicles later on:))

Comments are very welcome at this point. I'm a bit nervous about the prospect of painting battle damage on such a large surface (I'm going for more of a worn look than being shot up).

Various updates

Did some airbrushing today and here's the results. I was very surprised how well Boltgun Metal worked with an airbrush. The finish was really awesome. I'm going to add some black wash, black drybrushing, and some special treatments on the flamer (hint: blue). I do wonder if I can add some weathering to the metal color *hmm*. And if you look in the top right corner, that's a future project taking form :)

I ended up winning one Assault on Black Reach Tactical squad. I intend to make it a plasma squad, so plasmagun, plasma cannon, and absolutely no plasma pistol (+15p in the current codexes is silly). Might put a combi-plasma on the sergeant though. Going to be conversions at the very least. So stay tune for Squad III, 4th Company, Imperial Fists :)

My wife and I went out to find me some gift for me for our 3rd anniversary. I thought it was time to try to cut down on the plastic crack and went for another of my vises, books. This is today's loot. Half priced books had this awesome stack of Horus Heresy books in real nice quality. I've got tons of reading material now :)

Until next time, be careful out there!