Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Here are the promised pictures. I didn't get any painting done today due to outside interference. It's going to be interested to see how the marines look actually assembled. So here's the pictures!

The marines have kind of a "dirty" look. It's not so much a conscious decision as it was what I ended up with. I hope the shoulderpads + arms/weapon is going to balance the marines out a bit.

And here the two little side projects. I thought that painting Orks would be hard as heck, but not really. It so happens that models with a lot of stuff on them sometimes are easier to paint. The Marines are far more "clean", but that just makes it harder for me. I hope you like these guys, they have 3 more Nob friends primed so I might just finish those three as well, to have myself a little Nob squad to look at me when I paint :)