Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leman Russ???

I should be painting my tacticals, or the six Vespid I'm painting for Matt (from the local game store), but the Vespid are getting their bath and, well, I wanted to give Sam's Leman Russ a go. See what I could do :) I thought I should try out the tutorial CVinton posted on painting tanks. So here goes!

The tank came partially primed (black) so I added some white primer. So this is where the journey begins :)

So I airbrushed on some brown.

And some redish, orangish stuff as well. Then I tried to put some masking "goo" on the model. I skipped taking a photo though. And I forgot to spray some matt varnish on it. WOPS! Hope not too much color comes off. That would be, bad...

Fortress Grey. Makes it look all modern military. One could surely leave it at this stage, but I'm going for a different look.

White! Since Sam asked for tiger stripes, I first thought of painting the tank in tiger colors, until I realized that there are black and white tigers :) So the next step is to paint all the metal, and then black stripes. I'm going to go all out and freehand the stripes. Madness you say? We shall see:)

Tacticals, Vespids, Leman Russ. Which will I finish first? Stay tuned :)