Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Captain Darnath Lysander

Hello dear readers. I've snapped some quick photos of my now finished Captain Darnath Lysander. These are just some quick shots with my iPhone (3GS so not such an awesome camera), I'll snap some better shots in the future. I think I will try to take new photos of all the units in my army.

Went with the classic red cape. It's both a pretty cool mini as well as a very very busy model. Tons of little details.

Which you can kind of see here. Look at the GW page to see how many little things they've ended up getting in there.

You can also see how much brighter he is than the troops. Cheap white primer, then Skull White, then two layers of diluted (see previous posts) Golden yellow. Looks awesome, best yellow I've ever done. All my 1st company is going this way from now on :) Got some Death Company that will turn into vanguard veterans, and I am itching to pick up that box of chaos space marines that will be my sternguard:)

Next up, can I magnetize a Land Raider???