Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grey Knights WIP

I always have a bunch of projects in the planning stages. Got my single Tau battle suit that should be painted, my airbrush Alaitoc Eldar project, some Orks, the whole fourth Company of the Imperial Fists, etc. Some models I have, others I plan on buying, but not before I have reduce the pile of miniatures a lot. Even have a few Dark Eldar I want to paint :)

But one way to saturate my need to try things out is to politely ask if I can paint others minis. Not whole armies mind you, but rather just one model. Frank so gracefully let me paint one of his Ultramarines not long ago. I found myself a new victim at the store this week:) So without further introduction let me introduce a Draigo WIP!

Not a number of things left to fix, but I have made some solid progress. Tried a zenithal highlighting with the airbrush, which explains why certain parts looks very dark:)

More will follow, hope you enjoyed the WIP :)