Sunday, March 20, 2011

First battle damage

What is this? Two updates the same day? What has happened is that I have been painting more after watching TV. Here's a WIP of the Land Raider.

And here we have the first battle damage. Any opinions? Does it look ok? I went with blood red, chaos black, and finally mithril silver. I'm thinking of going with sunburst yellow, bleached bone, and finally mithril silver for the yellow hull. I don't want too much though, it's Lysander's personal "Panzartaxi" after all. Such a bad ass first captain rides in style :)

(I'm keeping away from yellow on weapons so I can reuse them on Space Wolf vehicles later on:))

Comments are very welcome at this point. I'm a bit nervous about the prospect of painting battle damage on such a large surface (I'm going for more of a worn look than being shot up).


  1. Very nice looking.

    My only criticism would be to focus more of the damage onto the edges and corners. The large flat areas aren't as likely to get scratched up, while the corners will get hit by things more often.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. That's some good advice, especially since I find it harder to paint it on a big flat surface. I did add a few on the "shield" on the gun since I would guess any opponent would fire away on the gun to get rid of it, so it might look a bit more messed up. But on the actual hull I will fully go for corners and edges.

    I hope to get this beast done and done soon, it's been dragging out. Got some Rhino accessory work that needs to be done as well :)

  3. Great work on the damage! I have also used the sponge technique for my vehicles. Use a sponge from a blister, dip the edge in it in brown and apply it on the edges to create chipping. Repeat the same process with silver.

  4. there's a third alternative, you know. get a regular lead pencil no. 2HB. makes for great metal effect. not as bright as mithril silver or boltgun metal.
    aside from that, keep the damage to the edges and keep up the good work!


  5. Sponges and pencils. Think I might try that on a Land Speeder and a Marine respectively. Starting to get afraid of messing up the Land Raider by now :) Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement!

  6. also glad that you seem to have mounted the sponson armaments in the more 'logical' position, ie the foremost openings and not the rear ones. :)

  7. Technically I have them magnetized so I can put them either in the front or back. Have to buy some more magnets and then I'm going to build the Crusader weapons too (have an extra sprue for that). Just wish I could get hold of the standard Land Raider weapons too :)

    And if I want to go overboard, the lascannons all around version could be neat :)

  8. ah. -that- version. for being a bunch of treadheads at gw, they sure don't got a clue as to how you should design a tank...