Monday, December 27, 2010

Competition Winner!

Before we start with the pleasantries I want to start off with a small apology and an advice to everyone, myself included. First I'm sorry that I have been slow in posting this, four days late! And the advice? Never ever ever assume that you get extra time for things over any kind of holiday, it seems like one actually gets less time! Next time I will make sure I synchronize the deadline with some big deadline at work so that I am pumped up to get things done rather than filled with holiday food.

The winner of my little competition is Andy Dahl! You see the entry just below this text. What really got me was how I was thrown for a loop several times. I don't know if the same thing happens to anyone else, but at first I thought I was looking at a Farseer, then slowly it dawned on me that it's a Tau Ethereal, only to land in deamon infested territory. And I who was under the impression that the Tau were safe from such horrors, maybe he's involved in Farsight's destiny?

Andy throw me an email and we'll set it up so I can snail you the prize. Hope you will enjoy the model :)

I also wanted to comment on the runners up. For those with 1337 h4xx0r 5k|llz, I tend to name my files things like one, two, three. It doesn't have any meaning :)

Here we have Dorn the Betrayer. Being an avid painter of yellow I was intrigued by the idea. I think someone has written a story on this topic. What if Dorn betrayed the emperor instead? I like the Nurgle look. I do not know if Nurgle was suppose to be Dorn's chaos god of choice, maybe Slaneesh would have been a fit. Either way, cool idea! Hope you add to Dorn's army Travis. I know I will add to my loyalists :)

Julio wanted to create a Sister of Battle without any actual Sister's parts. I get a mixture of Eldar (neither Dark nor Craftworld) and something Tyranid. Julio, make sure you send me painted pictures too, because I am really curious how she will turn out painted. I look forward to GWs future Sisters release, as it could end up looking quite sweet, and by then my friend Julio here will have a cool and unique looking army already. The big shoulders, the figure, nothing is Sisters of Battle, yet it draws your thoughts that way. Well done!

That's it for tonight. Next up will be Lysander, vehicles (2(!) Land Raiders and 2 Land Speeders, time to pull the airbrush out!) and a debrief on running a little mini competition. I hope you all had a good time and that it led to some interesting hobby moments. Have a good new hobby year, and stay safe!