Monday, February 28, 2011

Some more miscellaneous magnetic Land Raider pictures

Woroxon wanted to know about my magnets, and yet I ended up taking any good pictures of it. I will try to rectify that now! I glued the magnets on the backside of the frames. You can see the bottom four in the picture below. The other four are hidden already. I'm going to add magnets under the tracks so I can plopp the fun grenades on the front on and off. I hope to acquire a standard Land Raider weapons sprue in the future and the standard Land Raider doesn't have them :)

Another W.I.P. picture. Has a bit more depth now, and some more highlights. You can also see how horrible the door looks. I decided to retcon the whole thing and claim that that piece comes from an old and venerable Land Raider (Terra Ira) that now lives on in this one. Going to try to paint a bunch of battle damage on it and dirty it up a bit. Make it Venerable :)

And here's one of my little Hobby Helpers :) The runt of the litter, Merryweather.