Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More dreadnaught

Some more red gold on the model now. The camera makes it look more goldy than it is though :/ Looks niftier RL. Got the first layer of yellow on as well. Took better than usual. I think that it helps making sure that the foundation color really covers well. I'm thinking of applying the sepia wash already and then go for more yellow. Probably going to go for a heavier highlight than usual as well just to try it out.

Lots of black and yellow with a little red gold. Gotta get me some more color :)

A from behind shot :)

I'm going to add some Badab black to all the metal, but I might go with some green wash on the canisters for extra niftiness. Hmm. Or what color should melta canisters be?

When I look at the base I'm wondering what I should do with it. Need to make something nifty for sure!