Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tactical squad and Razorback

Hi all,

here comes a picture of one of my tactical squads, complete with hand painted tactical arrows and a roman 2 on each right shoulder pad. Only thing missing is doing something cooler with the sword. Sometime in the future I will give it a go:) I'm thinking of lightning, power sword and all.

And my homies needs to ride in style, so five of them rides in this sweet Razorback with assault cannon. I am pretty happy with it except the color. Still having some trouble figuring out my airbrush and yellow color and all. Hopefully I will get it pat down in the future so I can get a nice smooth yellow on my Land Raider and Land Speeders.

I've decided to try to collect pictures of all my armies so I have started with my Imperial Fists on this page. I will update it as I paint and will have every single painted Imperial Fists unit I have. I hope to get a better light setup and a better camera in the future and if I do I will update all the pictures. Hope you like it :)