Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend painting

I will be spending a long weekend (taking some extra days off) painting and playing Apocalypse. I hope to have finished by mid next week:

Squad of ten Tacticals (4th company, 6th squad). Plus special surprise.
Captain Vulcan of the 4th company (count as guess what:)) Might give him a better name though. It's a conversion :)
Five (six) Vespid. The weapons are a bugger to paint this way. Questioning my sanity a bit:)

A Leman Russ.

Tiger stripes and weathering. What do you guys think? Looking ok? I think I will leave it like this, possibly painting the light at the front. And a protective coat at the end. The CVinton like weathering failed me big time. I have a hard time finding / clearing off the damn liquid mask. Guess I need a better one in the future. Funny thing is that if Sam ends up rubbing/chipping paint of, it's brown/orange beneath :)

Anything beyond that will be counted towards bonus. I really need to get a move on and order those magnets so I can put the two Land Speeders and a Land Raider together (possibly two). And the Ironclad dread. And I've got sternguard and vanguards and scouts and wolves. I better get a move on!