Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alaitoc Eldar

Alaitoc Wave Serpent. First finished Eldar model. More to come!

For those interested, I went with GW Bone, Alaitoc Blue (with various blue shades), Yriel yellow, and some other colors:) Think I will go with a different wash for the bone though, go for Sepia instead of the flesh colored one.

Next on the painting table, two flyers.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Skaven, and then the Eldar is coming!


If there's anyone out there still reading, here's my latest work. A Skaven Greyseer on top of a Screaming bell. One fantastic miniature by Games Workshop. Some of their older miniatures aren't too inspiring, but a lot of their newer ones just blows my mind. All Skaven war machines are just stunning (while their old Skaven models are absolutely terribad to the point of me not wanting to field them at all).

This will be the last Skaven painted for a little while since I'm undertaking something quite mad, I am painting up a *new* 40k army! Space wolves you say? Nope! Another Phil Kelly codex, Eldar. I need 1850p fully painted, based, and sitting on a display board by November. Truly insane thing for me to try.

Next up on the cutting block is a Wave Serpent. We're going to see if I can pull of my crazy airbrushed blue idea (Alaitoc, but much smoother, hence the airbrush). The other main colors with be Ushabti Bone and Yriel Yellow. Thinking that the blue will be Alaitoc blue with a darker and a lighter shade on top. I want to stay away from camo patterns of an kind, more of an artistic flair if anything. Tune it to see how it turns out!

After that I have two flyers. One Crimson Hunter (Exarch) and a Hemlock Wraithfighter. The Hemlock is a modified DE Razorwing using the proper weapons left over from the Crimson hunter. I am seriously thinking of building a second CH (since I already own the kit) and maybe I'll convert one more hemlock. Or I'll build a "real" hemlock as well. We'll see how well they'll do on the board first™.

Also have a Fire Prism (kinda sure it's not going to be a night spinner, even if the spinner is awesome. Got enough AI as it is) and a wraith knight coming up, as well as 20 Dire Avengers. So many miniatures, so little time!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


The gray will turn into green and yellow (Iyanden Darksun), but I kinda like the gray. Makes it look like a clownfish though :)

Space wolves

The drop pod is almost done. Missing some weathering and clear coat. I really can't decide if I am only drybrushing on soot or if I go with some brown too. I still have never seen anything that has come from space and gone through the atmosphere.

My guess is that it won't color anything really. If anything it would just burn the paint up :) Metal baby!


Three new brushes, weathering powders for my drop pods, and Roman numerals for my Imperial Fists.

Going to return with a review of the #2 brush. You can order them yourselves for secret weapon miniatures!