Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sniffin' Glue

No pictures today, but I do own a Gorilla Pod and have read up on photography. I hope that future pictures will look much better than the horrors I've produced thus far. Maybe, just maybe, you all will think that I paint better if I post better pix, or you might actually see at what level I do paint :)

So why post anything? Because I've had some progress, I have previously glued up the Dire Avengers, I have cut out a whole bunch of Eldars from the sprue from which they came, and ta taaa, I have cut, cleaned, and glued the full Space Marine army from the Black Reach box. I will proceed to do the same for the Orks, and then possibly glue some stuff to the bases and then go all out and spray the whole bunch 'o them Chaos Black. Lots of paintin' to do!

And my Centurion still sits there on my table waiting to get painted:)

Oh, and there was some joy today as my packages from Germany arrived. Soo much packaging for such small things, but I now own a bunch of magnets that will magnetize a bunch of stuff for my 40k armies. Deffkoptas, Shining Spears, Falcon, Wave Serpent, and a lonely Autarch on a Jetbike will all get really nifty magnet connected flying bases. More to come!