Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is a top view of my Bodger experiment. I green stuffed the base pretty much all over and filled up the hole with green stuff and secured the "tube" there, sticking up from the ground. I can't for the life of me decide if I should go with a grayish look where I drybrush in darker and lighter greys to make it look cement-like and get some stains on there, or if I should make it more into a "out in the field" type of base.

Out in the field definitely *would* make it look a whole lot more in place though, making it look like they are Field mechanics and not In a factory mechanics. Although do I get cover saves from being in a factory that I carry with me? Who knows? Who knows? Pray tell!

Other than that I need to fix the shiney top and again I don't know what to go for. Black and yellow? Just greasy black? Metal at the top end only like a battery? I don't have a clue! Help me out internets, give me a clue from the intertube!

And to top it off we have a full frontal fantasy, ehm, full metal fantasy Goblin Bodger from the front. Complete with dog tags and blue Cygnar jacket. And muscles. Bet this little guy gets all the Goblin ladies knickers in a twist we he gets home. He better survive the battle first though, not known to be sturdy our little Goblin friends!