Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They are painted!

Here comes the lads! A full 10 man Tactical Squad with the optional heavy weapons and the sergeant. I tried putting some extra color on the sergeant by using London Gray on his "extras" and then bathing it in Badab Black wash. Turned out pretty good. I have mostly yellow and black on the models, with some mithril metal color lightly brushed on skulls and weapons and the likes.

The yellows turned out quite dirty and rough, so they do not look like shining plastic storm troopers ready to rock the Milky Way, but rather a rough bunch of guys. Oh well, first time painting Space Marines, can't expect too much:) Hopefully I made some improvements in my brush handling techniques along the way.

Next up I should start to assemble, magnetize, and paint the Razorback. I want to paint the insides so I will need to assemble, paint, assemble, paint, etc. I should also at least assemble the second tactical squad so that I have my army at full strength and can play with it :) I need opponents!

I'd love me some comments, good and bad. I think the thing that is most obvious though is the low amount of highlights. I tried drybrushing them on and that might not have been a total success, plus the Army Painter spray didn't work out. I will buy me some Iyanden Darksun paint and see how that will turn out for me instead :) The sergeants red cloth did get some highlights that turned out quite well though, even if the method was total madness (wet blending was intended, but, well, ehm, let's not continue down that road).

Oh, and they need their Imperial Fists transfers on the shoulder pads, and some stuff on their bases (gravel + static grass I think). More to come :)