Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jump packs and the first company

Time for some opinions again. Let's start with the point, I like Jump Pack marines. They are cool looking with their Jump Packs. Trouble is, they don't seem that terribly good to play. I really don't get why Jump Packs are so expensive points wise in 5th edition Warhammer 40,000. For example the standard Assault Marines. 100 points for five marines with a discount of one rhino or drop pod. That makes them 25 points cheaper than a five man tactical squad, if they don't take the Jump Packs. In this case we talk 5p per pack. 1.5p for a ten man squad funny enough.

A vanguard squad gets to pay 10p per model for Jump Packs, which gives us a 100p premium per 10 man unit. HQs gets the packs for 25p or 15p, those that can take them that is. The command squad gets to walk or drive bikes.

With that out of the way I can almost hear some of you scream: "Of course you pay for them, they are extra equipment. You can move 12" and deep strike to boot!". Yes that is very true, but the Jump Packs are a trade off, they say: We give you these two new awesome rules, but we can't allow you to ride in a transport (sans the Storm Raven). So my point is this, you loose the ability to be transported so the upgrade should be free. It's an either or choice.

So with transports being "better" than footslogging, even with a 12" move I feel hard pressed to claim that Jump Pack marines are competitive now. But since they are cool I am going to try to make the best out of them anyways. Nothing cool with trying to play it like everyone else:)

Which brings me to my next point on today's agenda. Why can't I play a 1st company Elite army? I know this is a speciality of the Dark Angels, with their Deathwing, and to a lesser degree with the Space Wolves with their so called Loganwing. But what about vanilla marines?

I think that it would be really nifty to use Vangard/Sterngard veterans (why are there no devastator veterans?) and Terminators only in an army. Sure it would be very Elite and probably hard to play, but the veteran models are very cool looking and it could be a very cool future project to make my own.

Just a little rant:) Let me know if anyone has any opinions about this.