Sunday, July 5, 2009

1000 points of Imperial Fists

I am hard at work (or, well, at least now and then) on my 750 point list still. But I am thinking about what I could do next, how I could up it to 1k points if I want to compete in the upcoming tourney. I fear I must take the simplest route, i.e. the one involving the least amount of miniatures as my painting is slow moving. Pictures will be up when I can get my hands on a camera again. I'm working on 7 boltgun marines. I'm leaving off all the "extras" such as grenades etc. Cutting corners:) I might add them later on though, I just have to be super careful with the glue. I have found that putting some glue on a piece of cardboard and holding the plastic I want to glue and gently dipping it in the little pool of glue works far far better than trying to apply directly from the bottle. Don't want glue all over the place anymore after all!

So what would I want to add? I want to add two land speeder storms. Which means 12 (!) scouts and two (!!!) vehicles. Released on the 18th of July none the less. On top of that I want one squad of Space Marines scouts, half of them with sniper rifles, that I split into two combat groups each boarding a storm. Fast, open topped, skimmer. It opens up for some interesting tactics for sure. I should probably drop my dreadnought if I do that and replace him with a devastator squad or something (since I plan on painting them anyways). But I would have 22 scouts and 2 skimmers to paint then. Over a weekend. Doesn't sound like a realistic plan to me :(

That said, it would be a great way to move my army up to 1500 points. Add one more Razorback to that mix, and an extra HQ (thinking something rock hard, to go in the other 2nd Razorback) and some mobile elites. Maybe on or two drop pod terminator squads. I do hope you *can* drop pod them. A squad of three land speeders would be a cool addition as well. Would make my army quite fast I hope :)

What I will not add is bikes. Not a fan of them at all. Nope, no bikes.