Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Valkyrie/Vendetta WIP, again!

A little more work has been done on the flying contraption of orange. I elected to give the engines a wash of badab black and that was as far as washes went. Didn't feel that it would be worth it going over it with oil paints. Might just make it worse :)

Then I grabbed the last of my boltgun metal and using a sponge (from an old blister) I wiped most of the point off and simply dabbed, dragged, and messed around in different ways to get a worn look. Still looks fairly clean, i.e. not grime and dirt, but well used. The next step is adding a bunch of details such as crew, radar monitor, canopy, the light on the side, etc. It should break up the massive orange blocks even more :)

A side view for your viewing pleasure!

Coming at you. Probably will look a lot scarier on a flight stand with a full set of "blowing you out of the sky" weapons :)

Weathering on the tail. You really need to look at the zoomed in image to see it properly.

And some wear and tear on the engines!

I now have the carrot at home. A very awesome forge world exalted vermin lord. Looking like this! Now I just have to finish the IG rides and my 1000p Skaven army, and updates to my IF army, THEN I can paint this fantastic and totally awesome dude :) I'm probably going to use it primarily as a display model (when can I play with a 775p monster?) and it is going to be dedicated to my late pet rat who are now with the great horned rat.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Valkyrie WIP

Cue Richard Wagner, Ride of the Valkyries. Go on, go find it on youtube or Spotify before you continue. Found it yet? Listen to it while you direct your peepers on the following:

White primer, white airbrushed, then hit it with red (you'll see why later). One of the markings is a bit off though, might fix that later:)

My home made stencil. Painters take isn't, well, it isn't made for this really…

Here's my paper stencil that I use to cut out the wings in the tape.

Some tape so it will be easier to glue the (brown) engines on later. Ended up being a pretty good contrast between orange and brown. Going to be interesting to see how the yellow fares.

It was pretty hard putting the tape on btw, but it looks like it could work though, right?

Blue wings on white with red tips looks kinda cool, doesn't it?

It's quite orange isn't it? I think it will look great when I get some spot colors etc on there. Can't wait to see it on a gaming table fully painted. Hope I won't be the only one liking it though, there's some insanely well painted Valkyries out there on the inter-tubes.

And here we can see wings. Kind of a dark photo though.

And this has too much light instead:) But by combining both you should get a fair idea of how it looks in real life.

So let me have it, does it look good? Bad? Cool? Sucky? What would you do? It's not done, I'm going to add some weathering and such as well. The wings really need it as there was some orange sipping through and I need to make that look more like the white is chipping than a screwy stencil.

I also finished one of the Dark Angels:)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vendetta WIP

First of all, the iPad 2 does not a good camera have. Just look at this! I hope you guy can get something out of it and see what is up :)

The Vendetta WIP!

Looks odd? Got some odd ideas:) Might pan out, might not, really really hope it will pan out. Need to put some thinned badab black in the recesses on the wings. I would have preferred to use oils, but they dry in, well, forever:)

Next step, secret masking tape sauce, prime the sucker black, and a healthy dose of foundation paints for the whole thing.

What else have I been up to without writing about it? Almost done with a tactical squad, starting painting on a metal 5 man squad of Sternguards (will never see the table, paint chip too easily with metal, I'm done with that), building a 10 mans squad of vanguard (converted death company) and a 10 man squad of Sternguards (converted from chaos marines, it's going to look sweet!), finishing up 5 Dark Angel Veterans, and the three vendettas. Wow. That's a lot. Oh and building two devastator squads too. And I still got plenty of plastic crack left after that :) Sad…

(PS Not starting a guard army:))