Sunday, March 6, 2011

Magnets and a crazy idea

Started with some nice big magnets behind the tracks. I really can recommend these. I think they are around 1/4" for us whom are trapped in the terrors of the land that don't do SI. Gotta buy me more of these since I'm using them on the backside of the sponsons :) Still don't know what I'll do with the extra weapons (2x hurricane bolters, 2x flamestorms) :)

Here we have the Land Raider, very overexposed so we can see the frag launchers and smoke launchers. All of it is magnetized. And one important lesson to all you kids from uncle Flekkzo. Get the polarity right, every time. I didn't once, and I am not happy about it. It was a pain to dig that magnet out of the plastic and glue :(

Now on to the crazy idea. Assault on Black Reach Marines. I'm thinking about getting four sets of them and paint up squad III to VI of the fourth Company. I'm also thinking of repainting my two squads to be fourth (green) instead of fifth (black) to give me I and II. Add to that my Assault Squad and that would be 7 squads. After that I would need to get 10 Assault and 10 Devastators.

Super poor grammar aside, that would be a full Company of Marines. Would be awesome to field in a game of Apocalypse. I could add a Captain with a command squad and why not a librarian and a chaplain. And yes, I am crazy for even thinking of doing this, but it would be soo cool :) Anyone agreeing with me? :)