Monday, May 3, 2010

Terminators and seer councils.

First, if you have ever thought of getting a seer council, check this out:

I might just go that route and screw the hard to do conversions. Just make some small stuff :)

Here's a new revision of the test terminator, plus an older model I painted some time ago that I repainted parts of (and forgot a black wash on the red! Gotta do that!). I painted the Iyanden Darksun / Golden Yellow - 50/50 mix directly on the shoulderpad and, lo and behold, it looked great from the get go. I might just change the formula to white, the mix, wash, highlight. That will make my painting far faster. Maybe I'll give the model a good black wash before the mix tough. Damn, I feel another test coming up :)

The white shield is done with Necronomican Grey, a watery wash of Chardonite Granite, followed by a N. Grey and a Skull White drybrush. Good bad? Let me know!

Don't know if it shows up but the "bumps" on the powerfist have little gold "blobs" on them. Just like you would do rivets on a weapon with mithril I thought gold would look interesting on an Imperial Fist. YMMV.

The old model also have a different paint scheme for the crux terminatus. My personal preference is the newer one :)

I decided to paint hard edges in white on the shoulder pads only. Brightens them up a bit :) Also the side guards are grey with white edges. I am still unsure about that. Maybe I should go red to really light it up?

The shoulder pads also needs a good old black fist, to look the part.

Shows how different the helmet looks in yellow vs white, and also how the black wash helps the red looks better (remember, I forgot...). They sure look like they mean business :)

If there is a reader out there that has a right shoulder pad for a terminator and wants to donate it to me, well, let me know :) I am one short for an assault cannon terminator. I wouldn't mind a "shoulder rocket launcher thing" as well. Yes, got an empty head and am too lazy to go check the Space Marine codex:)