Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Assault Marine

I am still around :) Wanting to finish one before I finish the rest (five still needs to be glued together!) so I see some faster progress I painted this Assault Marine. He's still a WIP but you can clearly see the idea of what I want to do. The next step is a few decals (First on his left shoulder, squad number on the top of the jump pack on the left side, thinking of seeing if I can't get a green assault marine X on the other side, but I need to find some real good tape for that. Yes, I suck that much at painting freehand:)) and then some minor weathering.

I am thinking black soot around the jump pack exhaust and some small metal chips around the edges. Some mithril silver lightly drybrushed in the black part of the exhaust as well. Maybe something more, but I want to keep it fairly "clean" if you can call that with my ad hoc yellow paint style.

This Marine is Tausept Ochre as a base, with a Gryphonne Sepia was followed by a 50/50 of Iyanden Darksun and Golden Yellow. One (!) layer of Golden yellow followed by Sunburst Yellow as highlights. I think it was just one layer at least. He's a bit darker than a few of the Tacticals, but funny enough roughly the same color as my dread (which will be finished and getting some decals when Mr. Marine gets his. I just feel reluctant to do it since I suck at it:)).

The green is a Gretchin Green with Goblin Green on top and a Scorpion Green highlight. Not much for mixing paints right now. We'll see how it goes in the future:) Oh, and the eagle on the chest is blazing orange with a baal red wash or two. Too narrow to brybrush so it was just easier this way:)

So feast your eyes on the WIP (damn I need a proper camera instead of my iPhone):

I will write more about this later, but I have a little display case now :)

And this was a little XMas present to myself. More pictures to come :)