Sunday, February 27, 2011

Land Raider W.I.P.

Turns out two things didn't work out the way I'd hoped. Golden Yellow apparently covers Iyanden Darksun just fine when using an airbrush, and Sunburst Yellow doesn't cover a thing. Ended up using Bleached Bone instead and adding Iyanden after the fact at the bottom of the sides. Also painted the engine covers Iyanden Darksun instead of Golden Yellow. I will add a bunch of soot later, so I thought I'd play around a bit :)

The white color I got with my airbrush #$(%#$*%^#($ sucks, because it peels off just so damn easy. Not fun! I ended up re-airbrushing the white parts. So I've used up a bunch of masking tape today :) Also, painting white with a brush? NO WAY, doesn't freakin' work at all :( Gotta airbrush that stuff.

Doesn't this look a lot better painted? I haven't highlighted/washed anything (except a black wash on the wings) yet, that's the next step. Maybe, just maybe, I can finish the hull today. Then there's weapons (plus some Rhino/Razorback ones) and tracks left:)

Still haven't decided 100% what to call the yellow beast. Terra Ira is winning at the moment though.

Break over, back to painting! :)