Monday, February 22, 2010

Tacticals and a little Dreadnought

Putting on decals is really hard. At least on shoulders. Here are "the gang". It is missing a power sword sergeant (I wonder how often someone fields a chainsword and boltgun sergeant) and a meltagun marine. I also realized that I need to fix my lascannon marine so he's got a tactical up arrow as well. I have greenstuffed up arrows for the two new marines (pictures coming in the future when I start to work on them) and it looks pretty nifty all in all.

I like the AoBR tacticals, thinking of getting more of them. Maybe I should have two fourth company squads too :) The downside is needing two more Razorbacks :)

Here's a slightly better view of the decals. And again, how the heck to you get them to conform to the shape of the shoulder? I do have Micro Set and Micro Sol, yet I get wrinkles etc. And there is no way I am freehanding that, it is far too hard for someone with my handling of the brush. Maybe in the future:)

And here we have a little dread! Chose to put the logo on the left weapon arm instead of the leg "plate". Thought that it felt better that way. I have put some basing sand on him, we'll see how that goes. He is getting close to finished, even though he is out of the list. Maybe he will make a comeback :)

In the background we have some sergeants (power fist and power sword, with magnetized banners. Cool huh!). But that is for a future post!

I also popped by The Source this weekend for their Black Crusade 2010. There was a massive amount of people there and series of gigantic Apocalypse games. It was a brief visit and I scoped out the local scene a bit. Some nice looking minis there, and one insanely expensive piece of terrain in the form of a Thunderhawk. Dark Angels Thunderhawk. A freakin' Thunderhawk as a piece of terrain. Awesome:)

I really do need to get some games in (blah blah, don't have my army up and running. Me stupid!), I am getting itchy for some gaming. I also realized that my painting is pretty good. I think I have looked at the works of far too many great painters online and effectively use that as a frame of reference. Stop being so freakin' awesome you internet people! :) But seriously my painting is pretty OK for being me :)

I am very strong!

This is my cutter. Or rather it was, because when I tried to clip some metal Eldar Rangers it...broke! I broke it from my fantastically non-existing hand strength. I find this both amusing and intriguing :) Moral of the story, be careful with your tools.

I got myself a cheap replacement. Hope it survives longer :)

Assault marines done (painting at least)

I finished painting my assault marines this weekend. So half of them are now done. Got a pretty ok recipe for the colors now. Should be able to finish the last five fairly efficiently. Started to use Astronomican Grey as a base for certain parts and then hit it with Sunburst Yellow. That brightens it up real nice and good and lightens up on the big patches of yellow. Hopefully you can see it :)

This one ended up with a flash.

While this one ended up without a flash. Can't decide which one turned out the best. I do need a better camera though:) (it is a theme on this blog it seems)

This is a bit Beatles inspired (hint for the age-impared, look up Abbey Road). I still need to give some cool effect to the sergeant's power sword. Some lightning or similar. To show how bad ass the guy actually is :)

Also note the green assault crosses. Looks pretty good when I got all five of them painted. At least I think so:) Feel free to have opinions in the comments!

And the final shot shows the weathering pretty well. Just have one weather effect, but it turned out pretty ok. The sot from the engines looks pretty realistic, but wow you had to be careful with the black to not overdo it. I really didn't want to repaint:)

So power sword, Imperial Fists decals on the shoulder, some Purity Seal, and I think that I will finish with 'ard coat on the eyes. I hope that it will turn out! I also need to pimp them up with some extra purity seals and the likes. Especially the sergeant.

Trying to finish up the tacticals as well. Put together an extra melta guy and two sergeants (power swords). They will be next on the list.

Oh what do you guys think of the bases?