Monday, February 6, 2012

Imperial Fists Gunner

Tried something new. I pre shaded a marine with Tausept Ochre and here's the result! It's still missing the lenses on the bottom part and Imp Fist logo on the shoulder, other than that it's ready for the table top. I think I'll paint up the Devastators using this method as it is cleaner than the post shading. I just need to remember to paint in the black before I do yellow:)

Looking good/bad?

Current state of the Vindicator, Vindi #2 has hit the assembly lines and Vindi #3 is still sitting on a shelf waiting for me to buy it:) Planning on making the third one the lead one so it will get a few extra bits and bobs. Going to paint on some large scratches (black, bolt gun, mithril) and use a piece of foam to give it smaller scratches. Then end it with a spray of devlan mud on the lower parts all around.

Also found myself some matte varnish today so I can airbrush it on. Going to give it a go and if works well I am going to use it before any tape touches a model again.