Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ultramarines! WIP

I went to the nearest gaming store yesterday (Armored Ogre Games) for 40k day/evening and watched a game between a team of Tau and Ultramarines battle Blood Angels and Tyranids. I asked Frank the Ultramarine player if he had any unpainted minis that I could have a go at and he promptly showed me a bunch. I choose one that I like to paint for him.

It was already primed (a thick black, I really need to push my message of thin thin coats of primer at the store) and the glue work wasn't totally up to snuff. After some surgery (split the jump pack and cut the arms off) and cleanup I glue him back together and went to work with the airbrush. Mordian Blue if anyone is wondering :)

He still needs battle damage, a VIII on top of the jump pack, a base, some scripture to protect him, and maybe some other weathering, but it shouldn't be much more work to get him done.  I really hope Frank likes my little experiment as I think he might have some high expectations. "Sure I'd want a professionally painted mini." or something similar at least, was mentioned. While I won't be ashamed to put down my Imperial Fists on a gaming table, I have no illusions that I'm a professional Painter:)

So what do you people think, will Frank be happy with his Assault Marine?

PS I've actually painted some Imperial Fists since last, but the WIPs hasn't been that interesting. Will return with a group photo of 1500p of fists plus some highlights:)