Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eldar Falcon Grav-Tank Pilot

I've painted more of my Falcon now. This time I went for another of the "inside" pieces, i.e. the pilot. I want to go with the open clear canopy look as it looks more "natural" to me, and thus I had to paint the pilot.

I don't know how most people do it, but I glued the little piece behind the head of the pilot to the chair-like piece and then I painted the three separate pieces before I glued all of it together. I did notice exactly how little paint do like glue. Not much room for error there! Had to do a little touch up even.

I went with a pretty basic paint job. First I used a dark blue for the cabin, a medium one for the suit, light blue for some of the nifty details, and a blue was over all of that. The hands and forehead got a good mix of red leather, tan skin, and white which ended up being maybe the best skin color I've produced thus far. Maybe I'll use that on epic Haley and epic Stryker :)

And here are the pictorial evidence of my madness:

And again:

The pictures turned out way better than the poor Gobber (to my defense I did try using my parents camera instead of my piece of junk and that might have made the different, still really hard to photograph minis!) and I really do have to take a new pic of him. Maybe I'll try to make that really nifty base I am thinking of and then I got a great reason to shoot the guy!

But back to the Falcon. I might just do the gunner as well now as long as I remember how I did this dude. I guess I am trying to focus on everything but the stippling of the outer hull. My tests did go, well, bad, awful, painfully bad. Totally sub par! Not at all the look I wanted. I really wish I could get a very detailed intro to stippling. I get it that you are suppose to use a brush and push it down and twist, but it honestly don't get that good when I do it.

I wanted to try to use some kind of sponge instead, and I tried it, but without any good results. I will give it some more goes soon though. I want to get a really smooth several shades of blue look. What I don't want is to make it look like a bunch of color blobs with too much color difference between. The Eldar doesn't strike me as a bunch of guys that would botch the paint job:)

Good thing I have some Orks now to try painting some insane stuff:)

Until next time, signing off...

Magnetic attraction

I've decided that magnetizing my models is a good idea, so I found some helpful stuff on the web that I thought that I could share for the heck of it:

So if you stumbled upon this page by mistake, google search, or whatnot, you might just find some useful info via those links. Enjoy :)