Monday, February 28, 2011

Some more miscellaneous magnetic Land Raider pictures

Woroxon wanted to know about my magnets, and yet I ended up taking any good pictures of it. I will try to rectify that now! I glued the magnets on the backside of the frames. You can see the bottom four in the picture below. The other four are hidden already. I'm going to add magnets under the tracks so I can plopp the fun grenades on the front on and off. I hope to acquire a standard Land Raider weapons sprue in the future and the standard Land Raider doesn't have them :)

Another W.I.P. picture. Has a bit more depth now, and some more highlights. You can also see how horrible the door looks. I decided to retcon the whole thing and claim that that piece comes from an old and venerable Land Raider (Terra Ira) that now lives on in this one. Going to try to paint a bunch of battle damage on it and dirty it up a bit. Make it Venerable :)

And here's one of my little Hobby Helpers :) The runt of the litter, Merryweather.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Land Raider W.I.P.

Turns out two things didn't work out the way I'd hoped. Golden Yellow apparently covers Iyanden Darksun just fine when using an airbrush, and Sunburst Yellow doesn't cover a thing. Ended up using Bleached Bone instead and adding Iyanden after the fact at the bottom of the sides. Also painted the engine covers Iyanden Darksun instead of Golden Yellow. I will add a bunch of soot later, so I thought I'd play around a bit :)

The white color I got with my airbrush #$(%#$*%^#($ sucks, because it peels off just so damn easy. Not fun! I ended up re-airbrushing the white parts. So I've used up a bunch of masking tape today :) Also, painting white with a brush? NO WAY, doesn't freakin' work at all :( Gotta airbrush that stuff.

Doesn't this look a lot better painted? I haven't highlighted/washed anything (except a black wash on the wings) yet, that's the next step. Maybe, just maybe, I can finish the hull today. Then there's weapons (plus some Rhino/Razorback ones) and tracks left:)

Still haven't decided 100% what to call the yellow beast. Terra Ira is winning at the moment though.

Break over, back to painting! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


The Land Raider is assembled, I've even assembled some of the weapons. I primed it (white of course) but I fear I might have, by mistake, over primed a few spots. Really irks me as I thought I'd learned by now. Kids, don't overuse your primer! A little is far better, and that way you can come back.

Next up is the airbrushing, and I've rearranged my hobby / rat room today so I should be able to do the deed tomorrow. White and Yellow, here we go! And I thought I'd leave you, my faithful readers, with a little teaser. I personally think that engine looks pretty much a lot better with both those logos on there :)

Imperial Fists are awesome
Only one big question left, what to name the beast. Malleus feels a bit cliché, but Pugnis might work better. I want it in Latin, to make it sound righteous :) Maybe Terra Ira would be a suitable name. Just hope I get it right :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Inside" scope on my Land Raider

I'm done painting the insides of my Land Raider now. Time to glue everything together, but not before I take some pictures to show my faithful readers what I have been up to. Plus it will be a tad bit hard to take photos when it is all glued up :)

The right side, with all the nifty stuff on it. I figured out that drybrushing Space Wolf Grey was a pretty nice touch, made the seats and such look nice. I have also glued in two magnets in each door so I can switch sponsons at will.

The left side, plus two frag assault launchers. I'm painting all the weapons and such dark red so I can use them both for my Imperial Fists AND my forthcoming Space Wolves :)

Some more pieces, and you can see some extra magnets I added so I can magnetize this and that to the top of the Raider.

Close up on the monitors :)

And to close it all up, here's my favorite piece. I'm quite happy with the icon. Looks very very snazzy. Hope it's going to look like the bee's knees when I open the front hatch and snow people the insides :) I'm quite amazed at the reactions I get when I tell people I paint the insides of my vehicles :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Captain Darnath Lysander

Hello dear readers. I've snapped some quick photos of my now finished Captain Darnath Lysander. These are just some quick shots with my iPhone (3GS so not such an awesome camera), I'll snap some better shots in the future. I think I will try to take new photos of all the units in my army.

Went with the classic red cape. It's both a pretty cool mini as well as a very very busy model. Tons of little details.

Which you can kind of see here. Look at the GW page to see how many little things they've ended up getting in there.

You can also see how much brighter he is than the troops. Cheap white primer, then Skull White, then two layers of diluted (see previous posts) Golden yellow. Looks awesome, best yellow I've ever done. All my 1st company is going this way from now on :) Got some Death Company that will turn into vanguard veterans, and I am itching to pick up that box of chaos space marines that will be my sternguard:)

Next up, can I magnetize a Land Raider???