Thursday, July 14, 2011

Various things

Hi dear blog readers,

I haven't posted for a while so it's time for a quick review of what I have been up to. Here goes!

Painted a daemon Juggernaut of Khorn. Forgot to take pictures. Gave it back to it's owner. Wops:) It looked pretty cool in yellow and brass. I also painted a green Ghoul at my FLGS for Matt. If you're reading this, I want to see how you did painting the rest of them :)

I have also started to play Warhammer 40k, with pretty mixed results. I've found that Razorspam probably works just fine, if you spam them, but two Razorbacks is just too much of a soft target. Same thing with my poor Land Raider. It has a tendency to blow up before it can wreck havoc. My thinking is that I will switch to Rhinos and use the points for a Devastator Squad instead. Five man and four Missile Launchers. And to go up to 1750 points I'm thinking of adding two Vindicators.

Either way since the plan is to build a whole company I should have plenty of options in the future:) Technically two companies since veterans are from the 1st Company :) I'm also thinking that some dreads should be a good idea to own. Three of each kind:) And as a last note about playing, I really am thinking of seeing what you can do with a lot of plasma. S7 AP2 shots would be an interesting thing to throw around :)

I also have been painting. Almost done with Tactical Squad VI for the 4th Company (only IF transfers left) and here's a little green teaser. How's he looking? I'll post again when he's finished :)

Dark Angels green directly on top of a white primer worked really well. Takes a few layers to cover, but you get a free shading in the recesses :)