Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hellpit Abomination

First up, one of my friends, a real life Skaven Warlord. One of my 13 (!) pet rats. Reginald.

The Hellpit Abomination model is absolutely fantastic. I am far from the first one to get his grubby little paws on one, but for those of you who haven't, the thing is a thing of beauty. Goes together way better than one would ever think. Makes me want to just get all the "hero" models Games Workshop is so fond of and paint them up.

Gave my new airbrush another spin. A Badger Krome. It's quite nice and really helps with making nice transitions. Let's face it, I am no good at blending, so this is a good way to compensate for now.

I went for a green mossy look on the stone.

Metal and blue veins.

Tried out two of the new washes, or shades as GW likes to call them. I must say that I am a fan. Flows better than the old ones and looks good. I went straight over the green in the "scars" with the Reikland Flesh so I will go over them again with some green glaze. The new paint line really is better than the old. I like the new metals as well. All of them are really good.

Different angle. Enjoy:) Need to touch up the green with some more yellow highlights, make the warpstone glow!

Thing is, I've got one more of these to put together and paint. Think I need to come up with some way to make it look different. Too bad I can't paint it up like the white one on the cover of the box. That one is absolutely fantastic!