Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Imperial Fists

Time again for some Imperial Fists! For some reason it felt easier to paint these guys as they are not my favorites. It's different with Cygnar, Eldars, and Orks. I have all chosen them with more emotional commitment. But even then these guys are starting to grow on me. They are freakin' hard to paint though, even though I am running with the simplest of simplest when it comes to color scheme. Let's face it, it is yellow, with black, and just a little red and bleached bone (for the purity seals, and you need to know what that is to find it in any of these pictures!). With that in mind it stills is a pretty cool color scheme. Who knows, maybe I'll decided that the other tactical squad is from another company, and thus will have red, or blue, or silver, or something else for the "trim" :) I do think that when I do the next squad I will make sure I paint then assemble when it comes to weapons so that I can paint the imperial birdie in black (or red, or whatever company I choose).

So on to the pictures, to the hotness itself! Check out these, ehm, Fists:) Here you see my very first yellow (army painter spray primer, looks like desert painted tanks) primed marine to the left. In the middle the experiment with london gray + yellow (I believe that it is Gold Yellow from Vallejo Game Color, but can't be sure coz the print came off and now I can't see the name) which turned out pretty, well, so so. And then the paint a bunch 'o layers marine to the right. It's just simply black primer (the Chaos Black primer rules!) and yellow on top, then a GW wash on top of that and some drybrushed gold yellow + some brighter yellow. Some brushed bleached bone for good measure as well on the black. These guys remind me of yellow storm troopers for some reason:)

Here the gang has been joined by two new recruits. Same yellow primer, but with slightly less sucky results. The primer gave me a really uneven and nasty finish. Even color but really rough texture. The tank in the desert feeling is *very* strong. This time around I tried being more careful and with slightly better result. I still don't know if I shook the can too much, too little, not chop sue enough, or whatnot. I did try applying the yellow color in a new way though. I did the same thing as if I would drybrush it on, with a drybrush brush (Citadel small drybrush), but didn't bother drying it off much. With some violent application it covered way better than the other technique, and quite fast too! Try it if you are in a similar situation. The guys furthest out to the left and right have one coat on each. I will apply at least one more, more than likely two, but by three I might be tired of it and will jump over to the "wash that bugger" step.

Should be pointed out that I will add the Imperial Fist transfers. I do feel envy of the insane amount of transfers that the ultra marines get, but damn it, no more Smurfs now! I do enjoy knowing that I will have one blue, one yellow, and one green army for 40k though:) And a gray one as well, because there is no way I will be able to keep away from the Space Wolfs:)

And before I sign off, there might be a mod in the pipeline for me. I've got an Assault Marine Sergeant with a power first that needs to become a tactical squad Sergeant. The best course of action seems to be to cut the power fist arm off and attach it to the original Sergeant. The Assault one has too different of a chest and it will look stupid. Silly GW for not including *all* freaking options, they should do that!

For the Emperor!