Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing IG

Got my first chance at playing IG. Felt odd fighting a foe I knew very little about. Guess I'm the type of person who will end up owning all the codexes, just so I can know:) Fought with my normal force, with lascannons on both of the Razorbacks. It felt weird facing so many tanks and models as my army felt a lot smaller.

Ended up with one objective on the far right in my deployment zone, and one directly over the other side in my opponents. My plan was to try the tricksy play style (in the event you read this, you know who you are who inspired that) so I reserved my entire chanterelle fighting force. I was going to let one combat squad hold my objective and use one of the razorbacks to contest the other. Boy did half of that plan go south quickly.

Everything but my dread ended up on the table in the first reserve roll. Go figure! Both my razorbacks got popped real quickly, without dealing any sort of punch first! Yes, epic fail on those two. Two hunter killers fired, both misses, and like 3-4 twin-linked lascannons that utterly failed doing enough real damage. Think I did pop a transport though. That put my two "super" squads on the board instead of their taxis.

One of the lascannon squads ended up killing a vehicle. Good times. My now foot slogging soldiers ended up tying up a squad of walkers and utterly destroying a bunch of IG veteran troops. I love weak IG saves. I especially liked tearing into them with power fists and power weapons. I want terminators :)

For once my dread did his work. It came in on turn four I think, and while on the board it managed to get a weapon destroyed (multi-melta) but not before popping one vehicle with it, and then I was able to assault another vehicle, ending up destroying that as well. Good times, good times.

There was no chance I'd get over to the other side of the board with anything, so we ended up holding our own objectives and it ended in a draw. Razorbacks are too expensive to not fire with, so I move them slowly and they don't end up getting that far before turing into smoldering wrecks (two hits, two sixes, two exploded Razorbacks, bad karma anyone?). I need to be able to get further with them, and I should just dump the lascannons for assault guns. Drive 12" the first turn and pop smoke, and then let that Heavy 4 tear into my enemies with a land raider in there for fun (i.e. my idea of a 1500p IF army).

Last game in Sweden ended up a draw. I'm curious of what my first US game will look like:)