Thursday, July 16, 2009

State of the fists

The cat's out of the bag on Fritz's second blog so my 750 point Imperial Fist army isn't much of a secret now really:) As things have happened its progress has been slower than anticipated. I guess after getting all space marines in the black reach box put together so quickly I didn't anticipate the tempo to drop so steeply so fast. Life, the color yellow, and other things slowed me down. On top of that there is a 1000p tournament next week, and maybe, just maybe, it could be that I can get an army put together by then. It will be built straight up on the list suggestion so kindly provided to me and can be seen as a bit options heavy. But I am working on a budget here (a time budget). I do hope I get to play some 40k in Sweden though.

So with that in mind, let's start with the WIP shots. Here we have four bog standard marines finished and their three friends feeling a bit out of hands. No basing and transfers yet. It will come, but it's low prio at the moment. I'm thinking of doing something to get me black arrows on the right shoulder pads to make them more similar to the black reach marines. Fist transfers will go the left shoulder pads.

And here we have the *very* unfinished heavy weapons guys. Two lascannons! Why should heavy heavy weapons you ask? Because I can! I will make up two heavy bolter guys as well, and an extra rocket launcher with the cool back pack. The launcher in the tactical squad box set just doesn't cut it, it looks bad. Good thing I have a devastator box:) Question is, should I kit the 5th and last guy out as a sergeant or another heavy weapons choice, hmm.

Got a bad ass sergeant with a power fist. Totally bad ass. Totally black primer, totally bad picture. And the base that I am going to transplant my Eiryss to looks great in the picture. Stay tuned for that project:)

Here's a lone melta carrying marine, and the arms and pads for him and his three buddies from earlier on. The pop? It's Dr. Pepper ofcourse! :) The cardbord box pieces are from German Wine :)

So now it is time for... the list! I might tweak the options a little bit, we'll see. One thing I have been thinking of is going for a powerfist on the Captain instead of a lightning claw. Haven't glued that guy yet, so I can change my mind :) But, the list!

1 Space Marine Captain

Storm Bolter, Lightning Claw, Melta bombs, Hellfire


1 Space Marine Captain

Melta bomb, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher


10 Space Marines

Las Cannon, Flamer


10 Space Marines-

Las Cannon, Melta Gun, Power fist


1 Razorback

Las Cannon, Storm bolter, Hunter killer missile, Extra Armor, Dozer Blade


1 Razorback

Las Cannon, Storm bolter, Hunter killer missile, Extra Armor, Dozer Blade


1 Dreadnought

Multi-melta, Extra armor



998 points of Imperial Fists. The former "lone" marine combat squad now has a Razorback and a Captain. The tactics will be the same as for the 750 list. It's not meant to be a highly competitive list, but rather a fully working list that I can learn 40k with. Been toying with the idea of assault cannons for the razorbacks and heavy bolters for the tactical squads.

Now I also see that the second Space Marine squad should be 210 points, so I have 7 and not 2 points unused. Wops :) And dropping some extras I think that I could squeeze in a whirlwind. No way I can do that until next week, but the idea *is* interesting :)

And since I am in dream land, I want to add two Land Speeder Storms, a 10 man scout team (half bolters with a sergeant, half snipers) that combat up and jumps into the storms. Then an extra dreadnaught with some interesting options (probably should replace the one I have too with a kit instead). And replace a captain with Lysander for some proper Imperial Fist love. Should have some points left for maybe a pair of whirlwinds or so. Lots of models :) No phat land raiders or termies though. Or vindicators or predators for that matter. But maybe it could be a fun list. A squad of three land raiders to go with the storms could be good too. Some real fast moving end game love for sure :) Could keep them in reserve even :)

That's all folks!