Saturday, August 20, 2011

Valkyrie WIP

Cue Richard Wagner, Ride of the Valkyries. Go on, go find it on youtube or Spotify before you continue. Found it yet? Listen to it while you direct your peepers on the following:

White primer, white airbrushed, then hit it with red (you'll see why later). One of the markings is a bit off though, might fix that later:)

My home made stencil. Painters take isn't, well, it isn't made for this really…

Here's my paper stencil that I use to cut out the wings in the tape.

Some tape so it will be easier to glue the (brown) engines on later. Ended up being a pretty good contrast between orange and brown. Going to be interesting to see how the yellow fares.

It was pretty hard putting the tape on btw, but it looks like it could work though, right?

Blue wings on white with red tips looks kinda cool, doesn't it?

It's quite orange isn't it? I think it will look great when I get some spot colors etc on there. Can't wait to see it on a gaming table fully painted. Hope I won't be the only one liking it though, there's some insanely well painted Valkyries out there on the inter-tubes.

And here we can see wings. Kind of a dark photo though.

And this has too much light instead:) But by combining both you should get a fair idea of how it looks in real life.

So let me have it, does it look good? Bad? Cool? Sucky? What would you do? It's not done, I'm going to add some weathering and such as well. The wings really need it as there was some orange sipping through and I need to make that look more like the white is chipping than a screwy stencil.

I also finished one of the Dark Angels:)