Friday, May 20, 2011

Calling the hivemind, I need feedback!

While waiting for the Vespid to dry I gave the tiger stripes a go on the turret. So I need opinions and feedback. How does this look? I am unsure of how to add depth, as any wash over white will stain it quite a bit. I am intending to slather Devlan Mud on the tracks and use some pluck foam to give it some extra weathering (grey and paint in some metal in some of the spots) plus some mud color (I am more than happy for tips on which GW brown to use for that!) low down on the tank. Will that be enough?

Any adventure with weathering powders will happen in the future. It sounds real cool, but I don't have any at arms length to try them out I'm afraid :/

Just the other side.

Let the opinions flow!