Sunday, August 16, 2009

Perils of the Warp

Greetings from the US of A. The jetlag is starting to slowly die down and it's time to start posting again. This is the carnage that was the result of traveling. Perils of the warp for sure! Luckily everything broke at places it was glued together so it was just a case of bringing out the glue and go to town. Also note that the plastic colored Captain has a little problem, yes, I put the darn flagpole on the wrong way. That had to be fixed too.

And this is the result, now they look dressed for success again :)

And in my excitement I started to paint the dreadnaught as well. Gonna take quite some time to finnish that bugger I'm suspecting. I think that the Ironclad will be painted in parts and then assembled. It's just a better way of doing things for me. Cleaner if nothing else.

Oh, and if you think the quality of the pictures are different it's because I just *had* to try out my new iPhone 3GS :) I will steal my wife's camera in the future as it surely will take better pictures being a camera only type of device, and I did brought my gorilla pod:)