Thursday, October 8, 2009

Being sick sucks

Being sick sucks, and thinking that you were getting better a week ago and then getting even more sick sucks even further. I've coughed up my lungs several times and I am certain that getting transferred into a Space Marine gotta be a great deal.

Which means that any progress I've had in painting has been, well, slooow. I am almost finished with the Blood Angel, so I should be able to submit photos tomorrow. I don't hold any illusions but I hope that I won't make a fool out of myself at least. I have come to the conclusion that my current painting skills are weak compared to my imagination. I.e. I come up with cooler stuff than what I can make.

I have started to dabble with transfers and found out that it is REAL hard to get them on smoothly. I've put three transfers on three shoulder pads on my fists and not a single one looks real good. I am pretty pissed about that. I hope I can master it by the time I get to my assault marines since I am kind of going all out of those guys. I've finished a first test assault shoulder pad and I am painting up a full metal sergeant with my chosen colors before I do the rest of the team. That said I think the shoulder pad is totally filled with win. Too bad I am not a wizard with the green stuff and can whip up a nice steel glove for the left pads too.

I did on the other hand do far better with the transfers on the blood angel. Pictures will come tomorrow hopefully. And I have given him my new secret super basing. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

I have also gotten the new Wolf codex. It isn't nearly as powerful (I think) as lots of people say, but I do like the idea of being able to use Wolf Guards as "Sergeants" of my teams and their Devastator teams rules. I am going with two long fang units, both being bolstered by a mean wolf guard with a cyclone launcher (Heavy 2, yes 2!). Oh and a mean Wolf Guard team headed by Rangar, two Grey hunter packs headed by power fist wolf guards (2 points cheaper than their grey hunter brethren, isn't that nice?), and a blood claw pack with a wolf priest. No psykers or anything, just pure fluff and mean cool Vikings in Space!

Also my melta guys are going to get Mark of the Wulfen, because that makes extra sense to me, since the get one less attack anyways :)