Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have no less than three basing projects at the same time now. One for my Cygnar Hunter light warjack, another for my alternative journeyman warcaster, and lastly the first one for the Field Mechanic Goblin Bodger. I look forward to working more on them very very soon :)

I am building up a little greenstuff base for the Hunter. I want it to look like one of the feet has pushed up dirt into a little mound and you can see the brow dirt where it has pushed. The rest should get a good amount of dark green flock for a mossy / swampy feel. There will also be a stone (how the heck am I going to paint that?) in the form of a round piece of GS and a little stream in between. I am kinda torned about the stream as part of me wants to cut into the base to make it deeper, but cutting is so imprecise with a knife that I feel that I might just end up damaging something instead of doing good. I also dearly need to "borrow" some water effect from a certain pirate captain that sometimes shows up at my local gaming store. I hope his offer of borrowing some water effect still holds true. It would be awesome!

The alternative journeyman warcaster is getting the cork treatment to go well together with Haley and Haley's squire (Stryker's got his own, and quite frankly I should either get the alt. Styrker model and base that one or just rebase both him and the normal warcaster. My straight up static grass bases are quite boooring after all). I also like to use a little tin bitz color on it to get a quartz kind of feeling to the stone, and then I like to put some of that dark green flock I have on it, to give it a little mossy feel. Good times all around!

And then to the last one, the cool one. I have cut out a new slit for the model to be in, further to the edge of the base. This gives me more space to put the glass cylinder that is going to look like it has smoke and lightning in it, and generally rock and be cool. More to come on that one :) And tomorrow maybe I can prepare some pictures if I take them when it is light out. I want a gorilla pod + a *good* camera:)

Oh, and I want to work on those cool Eldar models I have as well. Gotta do that! Found this awesome Alaitoc paint scheme guide. But I will start out with a darker blue, sponge on a slightly lighter blue, and then an even more slightly lighter blue. But I want to keep it subtle.