My Imperial Fists army

I intend to fill this page with all my fully painted Imperial Fists units and minis. I thought that it would be nice to have them collected into one place and I will take photos specifically for this page as it evolves.

Imperial Fists Assault Terminators
First Company Veterans

Two Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield terminators and three Dual Lightning Claws. This is the hammer unit that will be led by none other than Captain Danarth Lysander. I'm thinking of adding another five TT/HH so I can field 7 TH/SH in a Land Raider Crusader with Lysander for an all out hammer.

Imperial Fists Assault Marines
Fourth Company, Seventh Squad

My Assault Marines. Ten models, two with flamers, and a sergeant with a power weapon. I intend to add a Sergeant with a powerfist, two plasma pistol Marines, and some Sergeant variations such as power weapon and plasma pistol, and dual Lightning Claws.

They are customized with plasticard Assault Xs (the ones with arrows) which were quite difficult to get right. I am thinking of moving to greenstuff in the future instead. Time will tell as additional variations here isn't a priority.

Imperial Fists Tactical Marines
Fifth Company, Second Squad

Painted in standard yellow and red with black trimmings.

One sergeant with a power weapon.
One meltagun marine
One Lascannon marine
The second squad travels in style in their Razorback armed with an assault cannon. Gunner and Lascannon will be painted up as well, and if the whole squad needs a ride it can quickly be converted to a Rhino. The hatch covers will get a nice Tactical Squad arrow painted on it as well.