Monday, June 1, 2009

More bases

Time for some pictorial evidence to my basis. Writing this it strikes me that the layout aren't the best (and why do I have a tiny tiny little window to edit in, when I have a huge browser window that is now 70% empty? Silly!). Maybe I'll try to have the text flow around the images in the future. Might be better, might be worse, we'll see:)

So here comes to pictures of the Hunter. The model itself isn't even primed as you can see and thus shines like crazy. My awesome photographic skillz shows through as per usual. Although I blame the equipment!!! The idea is that there will be a little stream in front of the light 'jack and that round thing is a rock. I will flock the whole thing in dark green fluffy stuff, whatever it is, except the area where it has pushed away dirt. That is going to be dirt colored. Pretty amazing huh? :)

A different angle on the base.

This next one is my journeywoman. I have Haley and one squire on rocks, so I thought I'd throw her on rocks too. Several layers and a few small pieces that was wedged in strategic places. It already looks pretty OK to me. Going to do the usual black, and then lighter grays, but also some tin bitz (for that rocky glow from something that looks like quartz) and some of that green flock I so love to dash on everywhere! But just a little, I want it look like lush moss, not cover it up :) Think of it as a bikini for rocks!

My good old bodger, the only one painted. I cut a new hole in the base for the bodger further back, covered up the original slit (or whatever it's called) and then cut a huge gaping hole. In that hole I am going to put green stuff and build in the glass chamber (it's a glass fuse btw). I opened up one end on other one I have and I am drying cotton as we speak. I'm going to put some cotton in it, white and some shades of blue, to give it a smoke/lightning kind of flavor. We'll see how that goes! Then it's time to make it all happen :)

Remember, when there is Cygnar around, lightning will strike :)