Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Inside" scope on my Land Raider

I'm done painting the insides of my Land Raider now. Time to glue everything together, but not before I take some pictures to show my faithful readers what I have been up to. Plus it will be a tad bit hard to take photos when it is all glued up :)

The right side, with all the nifty stuff on it. I figured out that drybrushing Space Wolf Grey was a pretty nice touch, made the seats and such look nice. I have also glued in two magnets in each door so I can switch sponsons at will.

The left side, plus two frag assault launchers. I'm painting all the weapons and such dark red so I can use them both for my Imperial Fists AND my forthcoming Space Wolves :)

Some more pieces, and you can see some extra magnets I added so I can magnetize this and that to the top of the Raider.

Close up on the monitors :)

And to close it all up, here's my favorite piece. I'm quite happy with the icon. Looks very very snazzy. Hope it's going to look like the bee's knees when I open the front hatch and snow people the insides :) I'm quite amazed at the reactions I get when I tell people I paint the insides of my vehicles :)