Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have I gone and died?

Nope. I am still going strong (?!). It just seems like that between the interviews, thinking too much about me acting like a boob, and spending time with the missus I just haven't gotten that much painting done. I have added some more extreme highlights on my dread but it's kind of slow going. I have, finally, ordered some Micro Set and Micro Sol so I should be putting on decals like crazy soon. Got a bunch of tact marines that need some nice IF markings and that dread do need a bunch of decals as well.

Oh, and I also have a little project. Check out this "preview". Some of you reading will know exactly what is going on, others won't have a clue, and yet others will work really hard at not caring. That last group should go watch American Idol or Dancing With The Stars or something :)

The pic is a bit dark and I think you might want to click to watch the big version of it to get at least a little of the detail. Jupp, I sorely need my own camera for taking photos of minis (which more than likely will be the only thing I would do with it ^_^).

I have put on a very liberal Baal Red wash on it after stealing a pic of it. Starting to suspect that mixing the red wash with maybe devlan mud or gry********* sepia and then badab black would be a good idea. I will see tomorrow how well the wash did in making dark shades. Think I might have to add in some extras here and there to select areas before I throw on another layer of blood red followed by blazing orange. I really, dearly, lotsa need to learn how to blend colors directly on minis. Maybe this will be my finest hour, we shall see:)

Still Around,