Tuesday, May 18, 2010

50th post and Gretchin Marine

I just noticed before I started to write the post that this will be my 50th post. I am a bit impressed by myself and quite happy that I am staying with this blog even if the frequency sometimes are quite uneven. The time for hobby related activities vary quite a bit but I hope I will get more time over at the end of next month when my wife and I move. I will live closer to work which will shave off my commuting time. Fifty miles a day has been exhausting!

My Gretchin konversion begun with a post by Woroxon (http://bit.ly/azEnDi). If you don't follow his blog I recommend taking a peak at it. I have seldom had the pleasure to read a blog by a guy who loves the hobby more than him and approach it with more joy and glee, or should I say WAAAGH! :) His awesome Ork konversions are more than worth checking out. Oh, and that contest, you'd be a fool not to enter it. I have:)

The konversation started out with some choppin' of the hand and gun and some good old glueing. Later the hand holding the sword fell off and I ended up pulling on my Dok gloves and pinned it. Should hold better after that! I also gave the backpack and shoulder pad some battle damage courtesy of a file. I wanted to have two shoulder pads but there was no way I could get it on the little bugger:)

And here we have him all painted up. With quite a light toned skin. I wanted him to stand out among the Orks and Nobz. I also painted the Imperial Fists colors far brighter than what I normally do (the second squad Sergeant is just about done and stage by stage pictures should come up soon) just for fun. It turned out quite well and it was quite quick.

Prime white, add watered down bubonic brown, then sunburst yellow and highlight with bleached bone. Mordian blue gave me the blue trims and blood red + wash the reds. The green I did with a bright green sprayed on with my airbrush (first use of it) and then added Thrakka Green.

The blue trim was chosen to represent the 9th Reserve Company that consists of devastators, hence the devastator symbol as well. I also chose a plastic looking color instead of metal for the battle damage. Does a space marine's armor really have a metal color? Thought I'd play around and try something else :)

Click on this one to make it WAAAGH! sized and get a look from different sides. Also note the base, painted in Warboss Woroxon style with brown and dark green. It was a lot harder getting straight triangles than I thought. Live and learn!

And until next time, and another 50th posts, WAAAGH!