Saturday, February 26, 2011


The Land Raider is assembled, I've even assembled some of the weapons. I primed it (white of course) but I fear I might have, by mistake, over primed a few spots. Really irks me as I thought I'd learned by now. Kids, don't overuse your primer! A little is far better, and that way you can come back.

Next up is the airbrushing, and I've rearranged my hobby / rat room today so I should be able to do the deed tomorrow. White and Yellow, here we go! And I thought I'd leave you, my faithful readers, with a little teaser. I personally think that engine looks pretty much a lot better with both those logos on there :)

Imperial Fists are awesome
Only one big question left, what to name the beast. Malleus feels a bit cliché, but Pugnis might work better. I want it in Latin, to make it sound righteous :) Maybe Terra Ira would be a suitable name. Just hope I get it right :)