Thursday, June 11, 2009

Imperial Fists!

I think that I will swap out the Space Wolfs for some Imperial Fists instead. I'll go for the Space Wolfs when the new codex is out (only rumors I've read on the net, but you do know that everything you read on the net has to be true now don't it?). This means that I'll have Alaitoc Eldars, Imperial Fist Space Maries, and probably Goff Orks. I can fight myself basically:) I just need to assemble one tactical squad of 10 plus a razorback and I am in business for 750 points. I will cut down my original Tactical Squad to 6 (to fit in the Razor) and give the new ones some new nifty options. Endless hours of fun!
Greetings Space Marines fans. I thought that I should show proof of glueing, and here's a full Black Reach Space Marine army. A bit over 500 points I think. Neat huh? :) I tried some improved techniques for the photo so I hope you guys can see things more clearly this time. I think you do have to click on it though to get a good idea of how it really looks (the thumbnail seems quite blurry). I still have some issues with lighting the scene and I will have to go on a scavenger hunt to find a bunch of good lamps to use (since the sun seems to be hiding these days).

Next up, painting these sucks Chaos Black, spray style! Then either over to the Ork assembly line, Cygnar painting station, or I might just want to start painting the marines. I still want them to be Space Wolf colored though, which I still don't know if it is a good or bad idea. But Ultra Marines? I already have chosen blue *twice* for armies, can't have it on a third (thinking of Goff painting for the Orkz, simply because it is Orky).

I am also thinking of those foundation paints that GW puts out. This time maybe I'll just buy the *box* instead of buying them individually *cough* washes *cough*. Or I could just go for the gray and green colors:) I just wish I owned all paints in the range so I never had these problems, oh well, there is always The Future!