Sunday, October 9, 2011

[23/48] 500p Skaven painted

20 out of the 25 (I decided to expand the number of clanrats, I've got a second IoB set to tap into. Seriously thinking of getting a third!) clanrats are now painted. The shield+spear ones that is. Not sure if spears actually help me though. Think they don't :( Handweapon + shield gives such a nice bonus with the 6+ ward save in combat after all.

I'm also thinking of changing what weapon teams I use to two poison wind mortars. 5p less and better range. The warpfire thrower is pretty mean, but it feels like I need a lot more familiarity with WFB before I can make good use of it.

In news unrelated to wargaming. My 2 year phone contract was up so I've ordered a new phone! Should arrive on Friday with a healthy dose of updated camera hardware compared to my current one (see picture to the left).

I've also found out that painting five rank and file rats at the same time is the correct amount for me. I can get them done in one sitting (3-5 hours or something in total, not including cleanup, assembly, basing, and priming). Painting more than that at the same time would prove demoralizing to be honest, and I think that I will start painting one marine at a time from now on, as actually finishing one gives me a boost to continue with the next. I'm horrible at repetitive tasks:)

I'm also thinking of making a little tutorial on painting basic Skaven fast (I've given up on a highlighting stage, it's base color + wash now for rank and file). Anyone interested in that?


  1. Congrats! I am also thinking of rebooting my Skaven army now that I have finished painting Queek Headtaker!

  2. The Skaven range has some fantastic models, and it is a fun army to play. Played it for the second time today and I didn't get tabled at least:) The damn silly Warlock Engineer ran off the board though, killed nothing, lost me 200 points! Refused to rally:/ I need the banner for re-rolls of leadership :)

  3. Good looking models!

    Some day they may have to deal with an invasion by some egyp... I mean tomb kings.

  4. @corsair Show up some Sunday and we can beat face in Fantasy:) Hopefully I have some nice big warmachines built by then :)

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