Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My sneaky ratty plan is to paint up what you see below and to use everything but the chieftain/warlord for my 500p army. Possibly add a few extra clanrats (yes, I need an extra IoB Skaven set:) Two ain't enough!). We'll see how I'll expand after that. Slaves, ratogres, something :) Jezzails looks awesome but *wow* pricy!

40 Clanrats and two weapon teams! Too me around 3 1/2 minute per rat to clean up. Not a fan of this stage. I also found it hard to build the movement trays. Hard to make them neat. Time to break out the green stuff before I put sand on the sides and prime.

My new cheap grey (light) primer turned out to be pretty neat. I'm also trying out Chinchilla sand as a basing material. I wanted the base to look like it wasn't filled with big rocks :)

And here with some color on. Not all basecoats are on yet. Then some highlights (you might notice that I highlight the black with boltgun metal, looks pretty sweet!) and I will finish up with washes. I hope to get it really fast in the end so that I can speed paint all the guys. Plus it will make them look darker and grittier. Plus the clanrats will get rust on their metal. A Warlock Engineer is liable to have means to avoid rust :)

So what do you guys think of the rats? Think it can work out?


  1. Alright Flekkzo, you can do it! Sounds to me like you have a good plan for these rats, just don't let yourself get bogged down on the rank and files guys and you should be fine. Nice work on the Warlock Engineer, too!

  2. It feels like Skaven basically *is* rank and file :) With blocks of 20-50 (or more!) all the time I really have to get fast :) I'm seriously thinking of blocks of 50 for Skavenslaves and I would quickly have to get 100 models, at $35 for 20 that's a pretty big investment, both in $ and time. I am thinking of using some gobbos in there as well (i.e. prisoners from Skaven wars) to create some more variation.

    The special characters and warmachines are really the most interesting parts for me, plus they add a lot more points faster (Grey Seer plus a Screaming Bell easily reaches 500). I'd love to field 4 (!) Warplightning cannons and maybe some doom wheels or plague catapults in high point games.

    And I still have tons of Imperial Fists to paint :) My poor seccondary armies won't get any love for a loooong time.