Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Valkyrie/Vendetta WIP, again!

A little more work has been done on the flying contraption of orange. I elected to give the engines a wash of badab black and that was as far as washes went. Didn't feel that it would be worth it going over it with oil paints. Might just make it worse :)

Then I grabbed the last of my boltgun metal and using a sponge (from an old blister) I wiped most of the point off and simply dabbed, dragged, and messed around in different ways to get a worn look. Still looks fairly clean, i.e. not grime and dirt, but well used. The next step is adding a bunch of details such as crew, radar monitor, canopy, the light on the side, etc. It should break up the massive orange blocks even more :)

A side view for your viewing pleasure!

Coming at you. Probably will look a lot scarier on a flight stand with a full set of "blowing you out of the sky" weapons :)

Weathering on the tail. You really need to look at the zoomed in image to see it properly.

And some wear and tear on the engines!

I now have the carrot at home. A very awesome forge world exalted vermin lord. Looking like this! Now I just have to finish the IG rides and my 1000p Skaven army, and updates to my IF army, THEN I can paint this fantastic and totally awesome dude :) I'm probably going to use it primarily as a display model (when can I play with a 775p monster?) and it is going to be dedicated to my late pet rat who are now with the great horned rat.


  1. Awesome work, Flekkzo! The design on the wings is really sharp.

  2. It's really coming together. The wear and tear is really cool. What colour base did you use for the engines

  3. If I remember right is Calthan Brown.

    I can't wait for all 3 to be done. I keep saying it! Few more bits and all the weapons will be ready for paint too. Just waiting on lascannons!

  4. @papa JJ Thanks! The wings on the wings looks slightly less crisp in real life. I'd love to find a better material for my masks than blue painters tape :) I should try to find a hobby store around here, as I am too lazy (!!!) to order stuff online.

    @The Squirrel Calthan Brown just as Corsair pointed out. Iyanden Darksun on the flaps. I will also paint the metal on the canopy yellow so it should even out the brown engines a bit and add some more flavor to it.

    I look forward to trying to paint the venerable lascannons. They look awesome ;) Question is, what color should the leaves be. Thinking of going guard and just paint them black and a gold drybrush for the edges :)