Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vendetta WIP

First of all, the iPad 2 does not a good camera have. Just look at this! I hope you guy can get something out of it and see what is up :)

The Vendetta WIP!

Looks odd? Got some odd ideas:) Might pan out, might not, really really hope it will pan out. Need to put some thinned badab black in the recesses on the wings. I would have preferred to use oils, but they dry in, well, forever:)

Next step, secret masking tape sauce, prime the sucker black, and a healthy dose of foundation paints for the whole thing.

What else have I been up to without writing about it? Almost done with a tactical squad, starting painting on a metal 5 man squad of Sternguards (will never see the table, paint chip too easily with metal, I'm done with that), building a 10 mans squad of vanguard (converted death company) and a 10 man squad of Sternguards (converted from chaos marines, it's going to look sweet!), finishing up 5 Dark Angel Veterans, and the three vendettas. Wow. That's a lot. Oh and building two devastator squads too. And I still got plenty of plastic crack left after that :) Sad…

(PS Not starting a guard army:))


  1. I am jealous of the guy who gets those vendettas! :p

    Looks good. Can't wait to field them against you! Lets hope the plan works out well on the paint. Should inspire me to actually get something done once in awhile!

  2. Orange + Brown + Yellow could look neat on rank and file too.

    Do some tanks that way too to bind it together :)