Sunday, March 6, 2011

Magnets and a crazy idea

Started with some nice big magnets behind the tracks. I really can recommend these. I think they are around 1/4" for us whom are trapped in the terrors of the land that don't do SI. Gotta buy me more of these since I'm using them on the backside of the sponsons :) Still don't know what I'll do with the extra weapons (2x hurricane bolters, 2x flamestorms) :)

Here we have the Land Raider, very overexposed so we can see the frag launchers and smoke launchers. All of it is magnetized. And one important lesson to all you kids from uncle Flekkzo. Get the polarity right, every time. I didn't once, and I am not happy about it. It was a pain to dig that magnet out of the plastic and glue :(

Now on to the crazy idea. Assault on Black Reach Marines. I'm thinking about getting four sets of them and paint up squad III to VI of the fourth Company. I'm also thinking of repainting my two squads to be fourth (green) instead of fifth (black) to give me I and II. Add to that my Assault Squad and that would be 7 squads. After that I would need to get 10 Assault and 10 Devastators.

Super poor grammar aside, that would be a full Company of Marines. Would be awesome to field in a game of Apocalypse. I could add a Captain with a command squad and why not a librarian and a chaplain. And yes, I am crazy for even thinking of doing this, but it would be soo cool :) Anyone agreeing with me? :)


  1. wow that's a lot of stuff! it would be cool to have that much marines. Some say the AoBR marines aren't very good. I have no clue since that's pretty much all the marines I have. But I think it would be cheaper that way ( that's why you are thinking it like that )

    It will be a pain to paint that many soldiers though. Specially yellow >_<;

  2. Sounds cool to me. Just get some Army Painter Yellow Spray to make it less troublesome.

    One issue with the AOBR Marines is that they have the Ultramarine symbol molded onto their right shoulder, so you need to scrape that off. I did for my Space Wolves and it's not too difficult. The only other thing is that they only have 1 pose, so 4 squads of them would be a bit plain, but otherwise they do look great.

  3. I can report that the Frag Launchers fit like a dream. After letting the green stuff cure over night and the glue, ehm, doing its thing I dared put them on this morning. Very happy with them :)

    @ashi & @Rkik I find the AoBR marines to look pretty awesome and are well detailed. You can't pose them nearly as much but that's ok as I won't actually order them in the same way when I display them/play them so it won't be that noticeable really. I could also do some minor updates on them with bitz I have laying around :)

    My last batch of AoBR (I bought the whole box and my 1st squad 5th company is AoBR) didn't have any ultramarine markings at all. Maybe you are thinking of another set of marines? There are quite a lot of them around after all :)

    As far as painting goes I will prime them white and airbrush them golden yellow. Should make at least the yellow a really quick affair:) Plus the airbrush is much easier to handle than the spray cans I so often have over sprayed with by mistake :)

    I've put in bids on three squads on eBay now, hopefully nobody has the same idea and snatches them up at the last minute (my usual luck). The idea is to get them on the cheap :)

  4. Lookin' good Flekkzo.
    magnetising stuff isn't that much of a pain, saved me a few bucks on the plastic WH Cryx heavy, being able to field all thre versions from just one set :D
    The only thing that -really- irks me is that some of the guys call them 'jordmagneter' or dirtmagnets for you yanks.

  5. Vehicles can be hard depending on how much you want to hide the magnets. And I like to hide them :) Not coming up with a smart way of magnetizing a Land Speeder not matter how many times I run it through my head :/ Maybe I should try to magnetize some infantry in the future:) I just wish that GW/PP/etc could design their miniatures to be more magnet friendly.

    Ah, I assume they are talking about rare earth magnets, i.e. magnets made from rare earth elements (certain elements in the periodic table). Translates pretty poorly into jordmagnet, but I fear it could be correct :)

    Either way they are terribly useful. I need to order more of them :)