Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Inside" scope on my Land Raider

I'm done painting the insides of my Land Raider now. Time to glue everything together, but not before I take some pictures to show my faithful readers what I have been up to. Plus it will be a tad bit hard to take photos when it is all glued up :)

The right side, with all the nifty stuff on it. I figured out that drybrushing Space Wolf Grey was a pretty nice touch, made the seats and such look nice. I have also glued in two magnets in each door so I can switch sponsons at will.

The left side, plus two frag assault launchers. I'm painting all the weapons and such dark red so I can use them both for my Imperial Fists AND my forthcoming Space Wolves :)

Some more pieces, and you can see some extra magnets I added so I can magnetize this and that to the top of the Raider.

Close up on the monitors :)

And to close it all up, here's my favorite piece. I'm quite happy with the icon. Looks very very snazzy. Hope it's going to look like the bee's knees when I open the front hatch and snow people the insides :) I'm quite amazed at the reactions I get when I tell people I paint the insides of my vehicles :)


  1. I get the same reactions but there are also people who appreciate all the hard work that you put in a model and thats enough for me. Great job on the interior, can't wait to see the Land Raider finished!

  2. Very cool.

    I've never really cared to paint the interior of any tanks, but I can definitely see doing it to the Land Raider. There's a lot of detail in there.

  3. @Cadaver Thanks! I just find it more interesting if the interior is painted too, you can see into the tanks after all, and it is quite fun to paint. It's something different that armor plates:)

    @Rkik I do it to the Rhinos too. I would paint the pilots/gunners in the canopy models GW has. I just like the completeness it gives. Plus the interior is surprisingly fast to paint :)

    Next up is adding some more bling to the outside, prime it white and then airbrush it white, block off some parts I want to stay white, Iyanden Darksun in shadowy parts, Golden yellow on the rest, and then Sunburst Yellow in the bright spots. Finishing it off with SY and Bleached Bone line highlights. No idea how it will turn out so I am quite anxious to find out. Takes some time to set up the airbrush and everything though :)